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Strata & TownHouse Painting


Painting your home’s interior can be very daunting, stressful, and time-consuming. That’s why you have to have the right expertise and experience to handle it well. But if you have no idea how to paint interior walls, you better leave it to a professional interior painting contractor. These interior house painters know exactly how to paint walls and can produce exceptional outcomes. Now, if you’re not aware of which painter to hire, you can reach out to Makus Painting. If you’re living around Vancouver and surrounding area, you can easily get our services.

Why Leave Your Painting Projects to the Experts?

If you want to get the finest house painting results for your home’s interior, you should get in touch with a reliable house painter to help you out. These house painters have extensive knowledge in dealing with complications and can provide you the results that you need. Now, if you will do the painting on your own, you may end up doing it the wrong way. That could lead you to spending a lot of money in redoing it. So, it is best to get the experts like us.

Why Should You Hire Our Team?

Our company has a team of professional interior painting contractors who are trained and educated enough to handle the painting projects. So, if you are seeking someone to handle your house painting projects, we are the right company to hire. We can paint professionally since we have all the materials and tools. We paint depending on the demands and needs of our clients. So, whatever style and color you want for your home’s interior, we can surely attain all of them. Hire our painting team and we’ll help you coat your home’s interior professionally.



Are you looking to have the interior or exterior of your house painted?

Makus Painters is highly experienced in interior townhouse painting and exterior townhouse painting and has been servicing the Vancouver and surrounding area for decades

We know the processes to follow to provide a great painting finish. We are experienced in filling, gapping and sanding surfaces as well as sealing water marks and repairing cracks – we complete these tasks constantly when painting the interiors of our clients homes.

We have painted many period homes throughout lower mainland and fully understand the requirements when dealing with solid ceilings and walls as well as woodwork.

Often woodwork is painted in oil-based paint and sometimes in acrylic (water-based paint). We are now finding more and more of our clients prefer acrylic to avoid the fumes. The water based enamels we use now are very tough and according to the pant manufacturers dry as hard as oil-based enamels (once they have cured). Acrylic paint does tend to show more brush marks than oil-based – usually the finish is acceptable to most people and will meet the Standards i.e. the brushmarks won’t be visible when looking at the surface 1-1.5 metres away in natural light.

If you are sensitive to paint fumes or would prefer to not have any we can use water-based toxic-free paint. This may appeal to you particularly if you have health issues or young children. Often the cost isn’t any greater or is marginal.


                                                                     TOWNHOUSE PAINTERS



Hiring a contractor for a TOWNhouse painting job can be intimidating. Not only are you trusting your vision in our hands, but it’s an investment in your most valuable asset. Our customers keep coming back because we understand this. Not only do we keep the process comfortable, but the quality of work we leave behind is also well worth the fair price you pay.


If you hire us to paint your house, you are surely promised impressive results across every surface. Whichever rooms or areas of your property are in need of a professional paint job, we’re happy to render our services to you. You can thank our dedicated and experienced team for the results you’ve been longing for, as they are surely qualified to accomplish whatever look and finish you’d like. Of course, you won’t be treated to any substandard work when we’re holding the paintbrushes.

How We’ll Do It

As a trusted Townhouse painting contractor in your area, we’ll happily accommodate your needs at the schedule that’s best for you. Just give us a call, so that we can deploy a team to arrive at your property. We’ll discuss with you your preferences and the type of look you’d want to apply overall. From there, we can gather the needed painting materials and other relevant supplies. We’ll report back with them and prepare the surfaces to be tended to ensure a smooth finish and trouble-free work. Of course, we’ll also protect any surfaces you don’t want painted, also as a way to ensure precise edges. From then on, we’ll use controlled strokes and reliable techniques to apply the paint to your liking. Once we’re done, we can surely create a winning finish for your benefit.




Give your Townhouse the appearance it deserves

Painting the surface of your home is one of the most necessary matters you need to consider accomplishing as a homeowner if you wish to have one of the most pleasant homes in the area. If you need a reliable professional townhouse painters to help you, you just have to contact one of the most exceptional house painters at Makus Painting who will be able to give you a well-painted home in no time. Our exterior painting services are sure to give you one of the best exterior painting in the area. Contact us today for your TownHome Painting.

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