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The professional Painters at Makus Painting also provide government painting details such as color coordination and proper labeling. We paint everything from silos and pipes to bins and tanks. We have experience with painting stencils and signage to help maintain safety and organization. This also includes the marking of hazard zones and painting of safety rails so that they are visible in case of an emergency. Always hire Makus Painters for work involving the painting of or around complex machinery. Our trained painters can safely paint your equipment without damaging it.

At Makus Painters we pride ourselves on having a personal relationship with each and every client. We work with you to find the government painting services that are right for your budget. We can schedule our painting services so that they do not clash with your building's operating hours. We know how important it is that your government building stays in service. Because of this, our painters can paint only segments at a time so that it is not necessary to close down. At Makus Painters we do everything we can to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers..


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